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Rosana’s story: Learning about menopause helps cope with it

I was 45 and was suffering from hot flashes, mood swings, irregular menstrual flow and insomnia. I also started to forget basic things, had brain fog and sudden sadness right after the flashes – it felt like a metaphysical sensation. I was still menstruating, but irregularly. I’d had terrible anxiety in the past — panic…

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Ying’s story: Finding my own way through menopause

I see menopause as a law of nature that we can’t avoid. I look after myself, but I don’t spend much on special foods or medicine. A little on essential oils, along with red bean and gelatin soup, which I eat for a few days before and after my period. I’ve been drinking more tea…

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Pari’s story: Unexpected menopause symptoms

Menopause came out of nowhere for me. I wasn’t really expecting it until my fifties. People commonly say that you usually follow your mother, and my mom had hers well after 50. I remember preparing for a big project launch, and suddenly I started bleeding. It went on for 17 days. I wasn’t scared, but…